Are the installation instructions specific to my greenhouse?

You will receive job-specific drawings for any component or accessory that is outside of our generic Installation Manual.

With the delivery of your greenhouse, you will receive a generic installation manual and job-specific drawings. This is usually found in the crate with your greenhouse door.

Since all our greenhouses are custom-built-to-order, no two greenhouses are the same. Because of this, we offer a generic instruction manual and not one that is specific to your greenhouse. The manual and instructions will be able to guide you through the process no matter what style and glazing you purchased. Make sure that you are following the correct glazing pages. There is a Table of Contents at the front that marks the glazing and as such, the pages that will apply to your installation. If you are unsure which sections are relevant, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Customer specific drawings will now reference specific pages in the instruction manual that are applicable to the drawing at hand.  For example, if a greenhouse has a storefront door, the drawings will direct you to the specific page of the manual referencing the storefront door so that they avoid the confusion of the storm door instructions.  Same would apply for things like diagonal braces, commercial trusses, interlocked vs. standard commercial bracing, and accessories.

It is important that you or the contractor understands the instructions before installation. If you ordered a curved glass or lean-to greenhouse you will also receive an additional guide to help you better navigate some of the more intricate steps.

If you wish, you can request these instructions via email from your Sales Coordinator or view them online here but please note the file size is very large and formatted as 11x17 so not easily printed at home.

We also offer a compilation of video tutorials for your installation on our Vimeo page. You can view those here.