How difficult is it to install a greenhouse?

Most of our greenhouses are designed as do-it-yourself kits but read on for more installation information.

Almost 75% of backyard hobby greenhouse installations are completed by the homeowner or a local contractor. Many people wonder how difficult it is to assemble. If you have ever put together a small kit shed – it’s similar to that. All you need to know is how to read a tape measure, use a level, operate a drill and give yourself the gift of time.

Review the written instructions and packing list ahead of time. It is filled with great tips and best practices that will help streamline your day. This is also important – when you receive the instructions, don’t panic.  The instructions are written as a large book that include ALL glazings.  You will focus on your glazing only which is only a portion of the book.

If you plan to order a commercial, highly custom or estate greenhouse, please contact your Greenhouse Expert for the best information based on your order. 

Check out our Installation Videos on our Vimeo page for more information! Here is an example below.