How long does it take to install a greenhouse?

As you might guess, it depends on the size and type of greenhouse ordered.

We often use an 8x12 greenhouse as a guideline for customers.  Typically, an 8x12 greenhouse will take two to three people a weekend to assemble.  The key is to ask for help. Enlist your family, friends or neighbors to unload it from the delivery truck and help you put it together too. Give yourself the gift of time and try not to rush.

We also say if you feel that you have to cut something, call us first.  The entire system is pre-cut, drilled and ready for assembly.

The length of time also depends on weather conditions and the height and size of the greenhouse.  For example, our Cape Cod greenhouse is the tallest greenhouse with the steepest pitch and as such has the most surface square footage on the roof.  This takes a bit more time to assemble as you are lifting pieces up and over your head.  Ask your Greenhouse Expert for an approximate time to install based on your order.